Gravel Stabilisation System

Using gravel will bring style and character to any garden, driveway or business premises, but more to frequently the disadvantages associated with gravel out weigh the aesthetic look that gravel would bring; often preventing it from becoming the chosen product.  However by using the Cedagravel (a gravel stabilisation system supplied by CED Ltd.); gravel is laid in to the honeycomb structure which holds the gravel in place, preventing any movement.  Therefore unstable surfaces and migration are things of the past.

Introduced into the UK by CED Ltd, Cedagravel is produced from 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene with a geotextile membrane attached to the underside. The geotextile not only stops the gravel from sneaking under the sheets, causing an uneven surface, but also inhibits weed growth. The sheets are 40mm deep and are extremely easy to cut, either by hand or power saw. Fill each sheet with your chosen gravel and allow for 10-20mm overlay. This will cover the honeycomb structure making it invisible to the eye.

Once filled the honeycomb sheets provide an ingenious SUDS friendly stabilised gravel surface. Driving,Walking, cycling and pushing wheelchairs and pushchairs across gravel is no longer a problem. Cedagravel makes traversing gravel surfaces easy and effortless.

The chemically inert polypropylene structure is not only environmentally friendly but also resistant against ageing, accidental chemical damage, micro-organisms and rodents. The sheets have been tested to 300tonnes per m2 when filled, proving they are extremely strong and flexible, yet they are lightweight and pressure resistant, therefore ideal for all vehicle access areas, including lorries and coaches. Ugly ruts, potholes and puddles will no longer exist with Cedagravel in place.

Any decorative aggregate or rounded pebble, up to 14mm in size, can be used to fill the sheets. Thus allowing for a wide range of products to be used and designs created. With installation being quick and easy, and maintenance being very little, this exciting product proves a popular choice throughout the UK and Europe.


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